Jazz has been defined as the art of improvisation or a musical language onto itself – but to most, jazz is a combination of improvisation, swing notes, back beats, and blues with brass instruments and a swingin’ rhythm section. These elements combined in various ways, with different cultures and contexts, create the many styles of jazz. From Dixieland and Big Band to Bebop, Avant Garde and modern day EDM – Jazz has touched so many of today’s artists and has influenced a generation of musicians and music lovers.




For 15 years our community has come together to present the TD Edmonton International Jazz Festival. In 2020 we had to get creative to find ways to carry on a 25+ year tradition of celebrating the city’s talent, history, and love of jazz through a summer festival. We thank everyone for their words of encouragement, for sharing their talent, and supporting us on this new adventure.

We miss working with our festival crew and volunteers and celebrating our successes with them as well as with our sponsors and partners. It is the support throughout the years of these amazing members of our jazz festival family that have helped us build our festival to what it is today.

We look forward to 2021 when we can celebrate your continued partnership and thank each and every one of you, for everything you do to help bring live music to our community.