Stephanie Urquhart Quartet

Friday, July 1 12:00pm

La Cite Francophone


Stephanie Urquhart Quartet blends the melodic intimacy of traditional jazz music with modern complexities, working on the boundaries between structurally determined and more freely improvised music. Similar to: The Bad Plus, Esbjorn Svensson Trio, and Wako.

Line up

Stephanie Urquhart- Piano
Brett Hansen- Guitar
Murray Wood- Bass
Joel Jeschke- Drums

“Jazz music was once dubbed “the sound of surprise” … It’s great then to come across musicians like Stephanie Urquhart, the versatile pianist-composer-improviser who puts the surprise factor back into smart, new original music.”
– Roger Levesque (Edmonton Journal)

“Stephanie is one of the most truly talented musicians around, and what she brought to this performance is an emotion and an awareness of real, and hard-won feeling. Moments of activity and happiness (and hipness) are all expressively played with joy and sensitivity. Truly though, it is the ballads, and the stories and feelings behind the drive to write and play this music so beautifully, that captured hearts and wrapt attention in this group’s dedicated performance.”
– Charlie Austin, author of the internationally
renowned book “An Approach to Jazz Piano”

Stephanie Urquhart Quartet


Friday, July 1 12:00pm

La Cite Francophone
8627 Rue Marie-Anne Gaboury

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