Spanish Harlem Orchestra

Wednesday, June 27 7:30pm

Triffo Theatre


Two-time Grammy Award-winning salsa and latin jazz band, Spanish Harlem Orchestra, sets the standard for excellence for authentic, New York style, hard core salsa. Live or recorded, it doesn’t get any better. Whether a concert hall or an outdoor jazz festival, there is no easing you in, they are coming at you full force from start to finish!



Their energy on stage, rich sound and musical precision leave audiences mesmerized until the last note is played. With an unwavering respect for the musics rich history, thirteen world-class musicians and vocalists come together to create an unparalleled musical experience.

Now in its fourteenth year,  SHO, as they are known to fans, is dedicated to the sounds of the barrio. Their music is characterized by the raw, organic and vintage sound defined by the genre. They are on a mission to keep the musical legacy of salsa dura “hard salsa” alive and expand its audience to those who love great music, not just Latin music. Grounded in the past, while focused on the future, they strive to keep the music relevant, while creating a unique and fresh approach.

With four albums, and as many Grammy nominations, this Latin Jazz powerhouse knows it is crucial to continually push themselves and raise the bar.  They recently released their fifth album, featuring two of America’s great jazz icons, Chick Corea & saxophonist Joe Lovano.  Oscar Hernandez and Spanish Harlem Orchestra continue to raise the bar of excellence in their music.

Line Up:

Oscar Hernandez – Piano
Marcos Bermudez – Vocals
Carlos Cascante – Vocals
Luis Quintero – Percussion
Jeremy DeJesus – Vocals
Hector Colon – Trumpet
Mitchell Frohman – Saxophone
Jorge Delgado – Percussion
Jorge Gonzalez – Percussion
Gerardo Madera – Bass
Douglas Beavers – Trombone
Thomas Marriott – Trumpet
Nathan Vetters – Trombone

Spanish Harlem Orchestra

$40 + sc

Wednesday, June 27 7:30pm

Triffo Theatre
11110 104 Ave (Allard Hall)

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