Lina Allemano Four

Saturday, July 2 7:30pm

Yardbird Suite


LINA ALLEMANO FOUR is an acoustic chamber-jazz quartet that plays Allemano’s original music, written specifically for the group with a mandate of strong group interaction, improvisation, and sonic exploration. Each member of the group is a creative and highly expressive soloist and improviser in his/her own right, bringing equally important and distinctive musical character and contributions to the band’s collective sound since 2005.

Line up

Lina Allemano- Trumpet, Compositions
Brodie West- Alto Saxophone
Andrew Downing- Double Bass
Nick Fraser- Drums

“Lina Allemano and her band have created an eclectic sound that makes its own synthesis of tradition and avant-garde, of structure and freedom, of clever composition and emotional depth, of abstraction and warmth… beautiful and moving and fun.” – Stef Gijssels, The Free Jazz Collective

Lina Allemano Four

$25.00- $35.00 + S/C

Saturday, July 2 7:30pm

Yardbird Suite
11 Tommy Banks Way (Corner of 102 Street & 86 Avenue)

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