Sunday, July 3 2:30pm

JAZZ ON THE HILL at Snow Valley Ski Hill


Modern Jazz Quartet with latin, funk and rocksteady influences, original compositions played by Audrey Ochoa, Jim Head and Mike Lent.

Line up

Audrey Ochoa- Trombone
Jim Head- Guitar
Mike Lent- Bass
Dave Laing- Drums

Join electrifying trombonist and 2020 Western Canadian Music Award Winning artist
Audrey Ochoa as she brings her unique brand of jazz to Calgary audiences featuring
JUNO nominated guitarist Jim Head.

The transformation of nostalgia is both innovative and intricate, a delicate balance of appealing to the old while tiptoeing at the forefront of the entirely cutting edge. Unbound by any predisposed ideals around genre or delivery, trombonist Audrey Ochoa has achieved the ideal: presenting meticulously influential compositions with a playful and liberated approach. Classically trained but with a voracious appetite for honing her craft in any genre, Ochoa has shared stages with Hilario Duran, PJ Perry, and Tommy Banks; and with international greats Lew Tebackin, Marcus Miller, Chris Potter, Gordon Goodwin, and the UNT One O’Clock Lab Band. A rising star in her own right and a fixture of the Canadian music scene, she is decidedly captivating and original, and her compositional skill and talent on her instrument are spectacular. “…here shows a musician with endless confidence and skill, with varying moods and tempi within a trio that is always in sync.” – (Keith Black, Winnipeg Free Press)


$30.00 + S/C

Sunday, July 3 2:30pm

JAZZ ON THE HILL at Snow Valley Ski Hill
13204 Rainbow Valley Rd NW

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