Edmonton/Montreal pianist, composer, and musical director

The best thing I can do is to play a piece of music as truthfully as I can and as sincerely as I can and let it speak for itself.”
Bill Evans – American jazz pianist and composer 

Toronto-based drummer, composer, producer, and educator.

“You can practice to attain knowledge, but you can’t practice to attain wisdom”
Herbie Hancock – American jazz pianist, bandleader, and composer

Edmonton-based bassist and composer

“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.”
Charles Mingus – American jazz upright bassist, composer, bandleader, pianist, and author

Canadian Filipina pianist and composer

 “Music is really a spiritual thing — a connection between your inner self and the projection of that in public.”
Patrice Rushen – Pianist, singer, composer, producer, songwriter

Edmonton-based saxophonist and composer

“The journey is the purpose”
Melissa Aldana, New York-based, Chilean tenor saxophonist

EJFS President of the Edmonton Jazz Festival Society , partner at Kingston Ross Pasnak LLP (long time Festival sponsor)

“Jazz washes away the dust of everyday life.”
Art Blakey, American jazz drummer and bandleader

September 2023 #JAZZiswithEDMJAZZ Playlist // Curated by Edmonton-based trombonist Audrey Ochoa to showcase trombone instrumentation found in songs of varying genres, arrangements, and eras.
August 2023 #JAZZiswithEDMJAZZ Playlist // A collection of Jazz inspired Hip-Hop songs celebrating 50 years of Hip-Hop. Curated by the host of the 2023 Lyricist Lounge, Arlo Maverick. Some songs contain explicit lyrics, use your own discretion.

Arlo is an Edmonton-based hip-hop artists, winner of 3 Edmonton Music Awards, sought-after music business consultant, currently promoting his latest release, Soul Merchant. LEARN MORE
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With so many different styles of jazz, it can take time to find the jazz that’s just right for you. What’s the best way to figure it out? Listen to it!

We asked members of our jazz family to share a memorable artist or experiences from a past festival or a jazz recording that left an impression on them. We’ve shared their responses here in a collection for you to explore. As this listing grows, we hope you can find a group and/or a sound that resonates with you. Happy listening!

Artistic & Festival Director, Kent Sangster, shared this about his favourite album:

A Love Supreme by John Coltrane was his greatest artistic achievement and is considered by many as one of the most historically important jazz recordings of all time. Coltrane set a very high standard of commitment and spiritually rooted expression through his music.”

Nathalie Tait, Outreach & Development Manager, reminisces about Ghost-Note‘s Starlite Room performance:

“The talent and personality these guys brought to stage was electric. The room was packed and they had everyone dancing!”

Elizabeth Conrad (Roach), Artist Liaison, shared memories about one of her festival favourites from 2019, Cecile McLorin-Salvant:

“Her range and tone are timeless and SO impressive live – and she was a fantastic human being to meet. There is no doubt that she will be a force in jazz for decades to come.”

Signage & Distribution Manager, Alan Spence, had this to say about his pick, Moon Hooch:

“One of my favs at the festival is Moon Hooch, they are great to dance to and have amazing groove power.”

Even after festival crew members have moved on they still hold on to their jazz festival experiences. Erica Gorieu, a former Artist Liaison, shared this about her early Jazz Festival experience:

“I bought a ticket back in 2014 to go see Gregory Porter & Esperanza Spalding at the Winspear Centre. Gregory was great… but there was magic in the air when Esperanza and her band came on. Her groovy playing, buttery scatting and intricate voice was mesmerizing. I loved this show!”

Long-time Yardbird Suite Venue Liaison, Pam Josey, remembers when Kurt Elling came to town:

“I’ve enjoyed so many of the festival artists but one of my all time favourites was the one and only Kurt Elling!! It was so great to see him when he was in Edmonton.”

Merchandising Coordinator, Juliana Lee, didn’t hesitate to say “Bria Skonberg! It was my very first year volunteering with Jazz Fest in hospitality. She left a strong impression with me.” 

“Witnessing Joey Alexander jamming at Bellamy’s (Lounge Late Night Jam Session) was a highlight for me” said Jo, a long-time volunteer.

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