Full Schedule Released

EDMONTON- The TD Edmonton International Jazz Festival is proud to announce our 2017 lineup, featuring over 50 live music experiences from around the world with over 250 artists in 8 venues in Edmonton, including a selection of some of our City’s best local talent.

“Jazz is a very broad genre with many different styles within, and there is a jazz for everyone’s taste, says Festival Producer Kent Sangster . “It’s not about who you know, it is all about who you don’t know! We invite you to explore the unknown, to search into the next great jazz star in the making, or simply to discover a new form of music that you enjoy. If you are an experienced jazz fan, please continue to spread the word; if you are new to jazz then take a plunge, explore and enjoy!”

Venues include the Winspear Centre, Old Strathcona Performing Arts Centre (OSPAC), Yardbird Suite, Blue Chair Café, Café Blackbird, Bellamy’s Lounge at Chateau Lacombe, Sir Winston Churchill Square, and a new venue in Downtown Edmonton, The Needle Vinyl Tavern.

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Click here for the 2017 lineup of artists, venues, dates, times, and ticket pricing.