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August 16 - 20, 2021


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In 2021, we are committed to continue sharing jazz in whatever way we can!

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#JAZZHISTORY… Shirley Scott, “Queen of the Organ” was an American jazz organist born in Philadelphia, made famous by her signature soulful sound on the Hammond B3. 

Born in 1934, Scott was first introduced to jazz by her family, who ran a jazz club through their basement. Growing up in a thriving musical environment inspired Scott to take up the piano, and she quickly became interested in improvising. She eventually landed on the Hammond B3 after hearing a Jackie Davis recording, and started developing her signature sound.

Scott’s breakthrough came in 1953, when tenor-saxophonist Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis needed a replacement organist for his combo. Davis and Scott worked together for years afterwards, releasing the Cookbook albums for Prestige Records, and including the 1958 hit “In the Kitchen.” Scott released her debut album Great Scott! in 1958, alongside George Duvivier on bass and Arthur Edgehill on drums, and went on to record more than 50 albums in the years to come. Throughout her career, she became known for her soulful melodic phrasing inspired by gospel music, combined with an aggressive rhythmic attack, and this because her signature sound.

After a long career of performing, touring, and recording soul jazz, Scott moved into education, teaching jazz history at Cheyney University in Philadelphia. She also acted as music director for the 1993 television show, You Bet Your Life. Scott ceased to perform publicly in the late 1990s, however her name lives on as an inspirational player and important figure in jazz history. 

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Edmonton Jazz Festival Society (EJFS) is pleased to announce there will be a lineup of Edmonton, national, and international jazz musicians streaming online August 16 to 20 as part of this summer’s TD @td_canada Edmonton International Jazz Festival and playing live in Edmonton August 16-22 during Jazz Around Town.

Visit the link in our bio for more.
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#jazzhistory | Dixieland Jazz, sometimes referred to as traditional jazz, is a style of jazz based on the music developed in New Orleans at the start of the 20th century.

The biggest difference between what many consider traditional jazz and Dixieland jazz is Dixieland's use of “collective improvisation.” 
That is, rather than each musician taking a solo in turn (as in most styles of jazz today), Dixieland jazz musicians all improvise at the same time.

The 1917 recordings by the Original Dixieland Jass Band, fostered popular awareness of this new style of music.

Enjoy a sample of these sounds from Edmonton’s own @acdixieyeg. 

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DISCOVER…DELBERT ANDERSON  Delbert Anderson, member of the Navajo tribe, is a professional trumpet performer, pedagogue, and jazz musician. 

Delbert discovered his passion for jazz and improvisation in his early years of education. Anderson went on to attend Eastern New Mexico University studying music education and trumpet performance.

It is said that his music bridges cultural traditions, and is delivered with an urgency and passion that captivates. He is an important voice for his community and his generation of American artists. His music puts Navajo culture through melodies inspired by ancient songs of love and war while fusing them with modern jazz and funk.

Anderson is known for creating the Delbert Anderson Trio (DAT) and being a developer of music educational programs and community projects. 

🎶🎥 @delbertanderson 

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Today is National Indigenous People’s Day. Edmonton Jazz Festival Society celebrates the rich heritage and outstanding achievements of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples. We play our music united in support with our colleagues and collaborators.

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Since 2006, the TD Edmonton International Jazz Festival has been bringing the world’s best jazz to Edmonton.


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